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There's a fun site called Yahoo Avatar. It's not available on the English Yahoo sites, unfortunately, but it's really not all that hard to manage. This is a community where you can showcase the works you've done with Yahoo Avatar. There's only a few rules~

1. Please only post avatars of Japanese idols/pop/rock artists.
2. Don't try to one-up someone's rendering of a celebrity - at least, not obviously. Chances are they're very proud of what they've done.
3. If you're going to criticize somebody's works, at least make it constructive. Don't just say "That sucks!" You need a good reason as to why it sucks.
4. Don't save your avatars in JPG/JPEG format. It will look like total crap. =X Save it as GIF, PNG, anything but JPG/JPEG. Hell, send it to me as a BMP and I'll save it for you as something else!

That said, feel free to join!